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Jane Blackmore
2013-12-09, 23:39
Had never used an oven cleaning service before. Contacted Oven Ace and was so thrilled by the results, I feel like I've a new oven again..Delighted with the result.
2013-12-06, 23:26
Thanks for the excellent job done on the oven - honestly thought it would have to be replaced. Thanks again Brian - great Job!
From Golden Pages
2010-05-10, 14:06
Got these guys out after coming across their website http://www.oven.ie - They do exactly as they claim- no fumes, no mess and the oven back to new. Can't say anymore- Thanks!
From Golden Pages
2010-03-02, 09:04
Oven Ace did a great job on my double oven - could not recommend more highly! No fumes in the house during cleaning and I could use the over straight away afterwards!
From Golden Pages
2010-02-15, 11:57
Oven Ace done a gret job.Very clean oven. No more smokey oven. Will recomennd to my friends.
From Golden Pages
2009-12-12, 23:50
Excellent profession and friendly service. Can't recommend Oven Ace highly enough. Oven is sparkling and ready for Christmas - Thank you Brian
From Golden Pages
2009-11-09, 17:00
Hadn't cleaned my oven for years and couldn't believe it could look like new again - now can see through the glass door into the sparkling racks. I'd forgotten it had a light until Oven Ace installed a new bulb. Wonderful job by Oven Ace, no mess, friendly service and a bright and shining oven - great result.
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