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Oven Ace is an independent, Irish owned, Dublin based, professional Oven Cleaning Company.
Oven Ace provides a professional oven cleaning service for all makes and models of ovens, stoves, ranges, hobs, extractor fans, microwaves and BBQ's.

Thanks to Oven Ace's particular Cleaning System (developed over the last twenty years), we can offer our customers a professional, safe and environmentally friendly oven cleaning alternative to the many oven cleaning companies trading today.
We at Oven Ace can provide a professional oven cleaning service which caters exactly to your needs and at an affordable price with no cost to the Environment.

Oven Ace Service

Here at Oven Ace, we pride ourselves in using a Totally Safe, Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive, Environmentally Friendly methods, systems and products- Restoring your oven, range or hob to showroom condition. More importantly, Oven Ace's cleaning methods leave you with an oven that is ready to use.

Oven Ace also specialise in the cleaning of extractor fans, ceramic hobs and related equipment (steel racks ect.)

Oven Ace Price List

Cleaning of Single oven ONLY €70.00

Cleaning of Double Oven (1.5 doors) ONLY €80.00

Cleaning of Gas oven Hob unit (4 rings) ONLY €15.00

Cleaning of Gas Oven Hob (5 rings) ONLY €20.00

Cleaning of Gas Oven Hob (6 rings) ONLY €25.00

Cleaning of Electric oven Hob Unit (4 rings) ONLY €15.00

Cleaning of Ceramic/Halogen Hob Units ONLY €5.00

Cleaning of Extractor Fan Hood & Replacement of Extractor Filter ONLY €15.00 *SAVE €25.00

Cleaning of Standard Domestic Microwave ONLY €15.00

Cleaning of Combination Microwave ONLY €25.00

Pricing effective from December 03 2013 - See Pricing Terms and Conditions for important information.

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